Rootzone Sand for winter games pitches

Rootzone Sand is a washed, natural hydrosized sand. It has a pH of approximately 8.0. In the UK there are no formal guidelines for rootzone mixes for Sports Pitches. Guidelines for Golf Greens, Bowling Greens, Winter Games Pitches, Cricket Pitches and Grass Tennis Courts are discussed in Chapter 8 of "Rootzones, Sands and Top Dressing materials for Sports Turf" published by the STRI.

Pure sand rootzone construction is the next progression from soil amelioration, dispensing with the soil altogether and using just the sand as the construction material. Sand based constructions for winter games pitches do require greater skills with respect to irrigation and fertiliser management, and there can be problems of surface stability if ground cover is lost through wear and the surface is allowed to dry out. However, sand constructions have the advantages of good drainage and a well aerated root zone, and in the construction work, the laborious operation of mixing sand and soil can be omitted.

The type of sand used is critical (we can alter the grading within certain limits to your requirements), and professional advice should be taken.

Store in a dry area until needed.

Photograph courtesy of Lampeter Bowls Club/Clwb Bowlio Llambed

Available in one tonne bags (at 1000kg a fraction smaller than an imperial one ton bag, which would be 1016kg). Small 20kg samples are also available (please ring).

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