We have a very extensive range of construction sands and gravels, both general and specialist. If you need a sand that you cannot find here, we may ben able to produce a bespoke sand, for orders of sufficient quantity and notice. Products for sports fields and riding arenas are covered in the sports section.

General Construction Sands

Concrete sands (fine, medium and coarse) for most concreting applications, including heavy duty floor finishes; plastering and rendering sands (types A and B) for internal gypsum plaster, internal lime plaster and external rendering; masonry sands (types G and S) for stonewalling, blockwalling, brickwalling, pointing and external rendering; cohesive fill (consolidated fill) and blinding sand.
General Construction Sand Products.

Specialist Construction Sands

Laying course sands (all five categories) for clay, stone or concrete pavers; building conservation sands (masonry, plastering and rendering sands to English Heritage specifications); soil amelioration sand; sands for blending (fine filler sands); industrial mortar sands.
Specialist Construction Sand Products.

Lime Mortar and Render Sands

Our famous sands for lime mortars, lime plastering and lime renders - fine finishing coats, dubbing out, stipple coats and base coats, as well as general building works
Products for Lime Mortar

Construction Gravels

6mm, 10mm, 20mm and 40mm single sized, graded and all-in aggregates; crusher run; graded hardcore; DOT sub base type 1.
Construction Gravels and Coarse Aggregate Products.

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