Slit Drainage Sand *

STRI standards for winter games pitches, and is available subject to quantity and notice.

The slit drainage ensures a good balance of water retention and drainage, and has a pH of approximately 8.0. Store in a dry area until needed.

Slit drainage is one part of a proper management system for a winter games pitch. A protective sand dressing (see top dressing sand) is required to prevent the slits to be sealed by play. Even a few months of play on a slit drained pitch with no sand dressing can negate the value of the drainage work. The sand and gravel in the slits respond differently to repeated cycles of wetting and drying compared with the adjacent soil causing the level of sand and gravel in the slits to sink progressively relative to the soil. If the sand level is not maintained by top dressing the soil will eventually seal over the surface.

Photograph by Geoffrey Davidson at Pitchcare

Available in one tonne bags (at 1000kg a fraction smaller than an imperial one ton bag, which would be 1016kg). Small 20kg samples are also available (please ring).

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