LPG Fracturing July 23 2014

Extracted from the Letters Page of the Catholic Universe dated 08/09/2013 (unconfirmed claims)

LPG fracturing is a rare breakthrough in the oil and gas industry that can deliver both economic and environmental benefits.

Almost 80% of the water used to frack stays in the well.  The flowback water is potentially a radioactive waste, requiring treatment, due to occasional contamination by natural uranium present in the formation.

Using LPG allows operators to use abundant hydrocarbons already being produced to extract more hydrocarbons whilst eliminating the need for the addition of biocides to the fracking fluid.  LPG can be stored at ambient temperatures, and reduces the need to flare after production.

LPG provides a consistent viscosity, does not require the addition of CO2 or N2, nor does it require any special cool down or venting of equipment.

Propane LPG liquid is half the Specific Gravity of water reducing the haulage costs to site until it can be produced at the wellhead when trucking ceases.  Trucking can be reduced by 90% overall.  The yield of each well is improved by about 30%.