0/2 mortar sand XS *SPECIAL OFFER*

SPECIAL OFFER: 1 tonne bag of 0/2 mortar sand XS - M1520 Delivered by crane lorry to SA35-38/41/43 - 45 for £50, for card/cash sales including VAT.
Our type XS (Special) General Purpose Masonry Sand is a natural washed sand for plain and reinforced brickwork, blockwalling and masonry. Our masonry sands comply with the gradings set out in BS 1200, AMD 4510 and BSEN 13139:2013.

Each of our masonry sands is intended to produce mortar of predictable strength and durability, with a uniform appearance. The British Standards specification limits the surface area of the grains to be coated in cement, so reducing cement demand.

The relevant codes of practice, standards and statutory regulations must always be observed.

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Photograph taken at Cardigan Castle 

Available in one tonne bags (at 1000kg a fraction smaller than an imperial one ton bag, which would be 1016kg). Small 20kg samples are also available (please ring).

Price per COLLECTED tonne loose, inc. VAT:
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