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photo of dawn sun on a bedded sand cliff
April News: Our new 2008/2009 price list is available for download.

Cardigan Sand & Gravel supplies a wide range of washed, graded, land-won sands to the construction, sportsfield and equine industries. Established in 1959, we have built a reputation for supplying difficult-to-find sands to tight specifications.

Our website is here to help you find the sand you need, or even to blend your own. You will find detailed information on the sands we supply, including grading curves, specifications and percentage-passing values. You can browse through our decorative aggregates, find out more about our custom blended sands, our extensive range of general and specialist construction sands, and read detailed articles about the construction and maintenance of riding arenas.

We are continually improving and maintaining our extensive links and resources for the aggregates industry. Our frequently asked questions section provides the answers to common queries. If you should need any further help, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Home & Garden Sands and Gravels:

Sand-pit sand; top-dressing sands for lawns; decorative gravels, chippings and sands for your plantings.

Construction Sands:

Sands for concrete, masonry, rendering, plastering, blinding, fill, brick and block pavers (all five categories), industrial mortar sands and building conservation sands, single sized and graded gravels for various construction purposes, all-in aggregates.

Agricultural Sands:

Sands for cubicles, storage platforms and other agricultural purposes.

Sports Sands:

Specialist sands for riding arenas, golf bunkers and winter games pitches.

Bespoke Sands:

Design sands to your own specifications with our interactive blending applet.


About Us:

Our history, our technology and our geology.


Answers to frequently asked questions.


new! Links to each of the articles on our site, all in one place.


We have compiled an extensive list of linked resources that you may find useful. Specifications; Bricks & Paving; Environmental Management; Building Control & Regulations; Architecture & Surveying; Professional Bodies; Heritage & Traditional Materials; Volume Producers; Trade Publications; Equestrian Links.

Price List:

Our price list online, also available for download in MS-Word document format.


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